Impressum / Legalities

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Exemption from liability

Liability for contents

The contents of our website have been produced most diligently. However, we cannot be held responsible for anything being correct, complete or up-to-date. According to general German law, (§ 7 Abs.1 TMG ) we are, as a company offering services, responsible for the contents we provide ourselves. However, as such a company providing services, we are not under any obligation to investigate the legality or correctness of information which is transmitted to us or stored by us. We also do not have to investigate whether any such information transmitted to or stored by us gives us any reason to believe that there is anything unlawful about it. According to current law we have to remove any such unlawful information and prevent their use by others, but we are only responsible for doing so once we have become aware that a law has actually been broken. Should we become aware that a law has been broken, we will remove the respective content immediately.

Responsibility for external links

Our website contains links to other, external, sites, and we have no influence over those. Because of that we cannot be held responsible for the content of any site we link to. The owners of the sites we link to are solely responsible for whatever content is on their sites. We check any site we link to, to ascertain whether there are any potential issues with their legality, and if we link to a site it means that, at the time we checked it, there was no indication of anything being wrong. However, we cannot be expected to carry on checking the same sites to make sure that there never will be anything wrong with their legality. If we are made aware that there is a possible issue with the legality of a site we have set a link to, we will check this immediately and remove any such link where appropriate.


Any and all content on these pages is protected by copyright. Nobody is allowed to copy, edit, share or use any part of this site without the prior written permission of the copyright-holder. Any download from this site may only be used for private purposes, and any commercial use is strictly forbidden. Any content on these pages which was not produced by the owner of this site respects the copyright of the respective author(s) and is marked accordingly. In the unlikely event that you should notice any breach of copyright, please inform us immediately and we will remove any such content immediately.

Data Protection and GDPR compliancy

Where this website asks for any personal details (such as name, address, or email details) the provision of such details is, as far as reasonably possible, always voluntary. We will never pass on any such details to any third party without your permission. In our “Contact Us” page, we ask for your name, your phone number, your email address and the reason of your message, so our customer service representatives can contact you and reply to your inquiry in a timely manner (your data will be stored by default both in the dashboard software enabling to manage and in You have the right to ask our company to amend or remove those data at any time).

We would like to point out that the transmission of any data over the Internet, for example via email, can be insecure. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that no unauthorized third party could gain access to such data because of the inherently insecure nature of the Internet.

Third parties are not allowed to harvest contact details on this website, such as, for example, the contact details on the "Contact" page or use these to send any unsolicited advertising, offers or similar. The owners of this site specifically declare that they reserve the right to take legal action in the case of any unsolicited contact in form of spam or similar.