Realistic Spaces

Attractive, informative, and welcoming virtual booths where customers can discover your range of products and services, test them, and interact with you!
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Live Communication

Real-time video link allows you to welcome visitors, talk them through your exhibition space, and answer questions.


Flexible and full-value - embed your virtual booth as an iframe in your exhibitor's profile at almost any digital event.

VIP Room

Privileged access for your confidential content & real-time conversations with your top execs and decision-makers.


Visitors love interacting with real-time animated products to really get to know your products.


Host your virtual booth on our GDPR-compliant IT infrastructure, and have your visitors discover it from your own website and your digital events.

And so much more...

Creativity that reflects your innovation.

Your virtual booth has unlimited opportunities to turn prospects into profits. Let's show you how: contact us!
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